Mods for Game Dev Tycoon

Here is a compilation of mods for Game Dev Tycoon, I hope they serve you and enjoy it.

EPM – Expansion Pack Mod (Expansion Pack Mod)

The first mod to hit the scene, which due to its popularity has grown in size to include 80 new themes, 11 new platforms, 8 new events, 22 new research options and the ability to develop custom computers, a mod that includes so many things that it is considered as an expansion.

Cheat Mod

One of the most popular mods that allows you to cheat in-game without the need to edit your saved games, you can add money, fans, Hype, Research Points, themes and much more!


This mod adds more configuration options, which allow you to speed up the game, speed up notifications, generate names, etc.


If you are looking to have more statistics, graphics and information, this is the mod for you!

SuperConsoles Mod

This Mod expands Game Dev Tycoon with some new basic elements like platforms, themes, engine items, events, notifications and game announcements.

Platform Randomiser

This mod allows us to select which options are going to be random, such as the launch and success of the consoles, the combination of genres, etc; Proposing a much more challenging gameplay.
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As the name indicates, this mod adds other companies to compete with, including the ability to buy them and keep the income from their sales.

Camelot Expansion

This mod adds a large number of functionalities such as Train the staff, Extend the duration of the game, choose the budget, some interface edits, the initial money, etc.


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