LGBT Themed Video Games – Part 2

A couple of years ago I made a post compiling 15 games with a homosexual theme, today I expand it including more games, but if you did not see the first part I invite you to see it: Part 1

16. Erotica Tycoon

Erotica Tycoon

For lovers of management and porn, a fantastic creation of the studio comes after Super Health Club, in this game we founded our own studio of porn movies, starting in the 80s and trying to make a name for themselves in the industry, in our step We will see a large number of actors, among different physicists and we can choose between what kind of porn we will record.

17. Artificial Academy 2

hongfire artificial academy 2 install Lovely Artificial Academy 2 All H Quarrels
A fairly complete dating simulation game, Artificial Academy 2 allows you to create and customize your character to your liking, from his physical appearance to his personality, in this game we will have the objective of flirting with all our classmates, we will have the possibility of choose the sex of our character and his sexual orientation making it an ideal game for everyone. The only thing is that I must warn that it has erotic content.

18. Dream Daddydream daddy

Another dating simulator, in which we propose to find love between some of the 7 available parents, you can also create your character and make decisions that affect the relationship with your daughter. If you like parents, do not hesitate, this is your game.

19. This Is Where I Want To Die

this is where i want to die

This is a visual novel turned into a game, in which we will follow our protagonist a character who is about to die due to an attack by a group of homophobes while he was with his boyfriend, in this novel we will go through the past until reaching the time of the accident .

20. Highway Blossoms

Highway Blossoms

A visual novel inspired by the genre of Road Movie, in this we will accompany a couple of women on their journey, an excellent game and highly recommended.

21. Enolaenola

Enola is a horror game that puts us in the shoes of a girl whose name gives the game its title, in which we traverse a world created within the twisted mind of our love Angelica, with the aim of helping her to overcome various events that turned your life in hell. An Indie game but with a different theme and story, highly recommended for horror lovers.

22. Always Sometimes Monstersalways something monsters

Always Sometimes monsters is an RPG with life simulator overtones in which we start in a period where we are without money and the love of our life is going to marry someone else, the objective of the game is to regain control of our life and recover our love. It allows you to choose the gender and orientation of your character.

23. Kitty Powers’ MatchmakerKitty Powers' Matchmaker

A dating simulator that proposes a different idea in this case we will not be a person in search of love or fun, we will be an employee of a dating agency and our goal will be to form the ideal couples. Honestly a very fun game that does not discriminate.

24. To Trust an Incubus Barato trust an incubus

Dating simulator in the style of  Coming Out on Top  but with a Bara aesthetic, we will start as a laboratory employee where there are very attractive men with whom we can flirt.

25. Butterfly Soupbutterfly-soup

From the creator of Pom gets Wi-Fi . A game about a group of girls who play Baseball and fall in love. The game that lasts between 3 to 4 hours and what is more important is completely free, so there is no excuse not to play it.

Finally after a research job, I managed to finish this post, but that does not mean that I manage to place all the games on this theme, so  if you know any that are not on the list, I suggest it in the comments, I add it.

Thanks and good luck!

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