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The Sims is one of my favorite sagas and where I discovered the genre of simulation and especially life simulation ; This was the first game I played that offered me various creative possibilities.
However, I consider that EA made certain changes not very favorable for the Saga, so I hope that at some point a game will appear capable of competing and returning to the essence of the first installment, for this reason also (in addition to why I love games of this style) I always try to find out about games with similar gameplay, therefore this post is about a compilation of these games similar to sims or sims:

Youtubers Lifess_6b59d1f33182cc5a7e75fcbf542acc6a69024957

I’m going to put Youtubers Life in the first place for being the most recent game in addition to the fact that taking out that it is based practically on being on the PC almost all day, it has a gameplay and a graphic aspect (at least in the design of the textures and some objects) to that of The Sims 4 .
In case you did not know this game has the objective of being a simulator of the life of a YouTuber so your main priority will be to record videos for your channel trying to make it the most popular and successful channel of the moment, although during this You will face various challenges and you will have to control certain aspects of daily life.

Desperate Housewives Game772912-932382_20070102_012

It is a game with a well defined story mode where a housewife with amnesia recently moved to a new neighborhood with her husband and teenage son, During those 12 episodes she will have to interact with the game world to try to recover her memory , The gameplay is similar to that of The Sims and even allows us to customize our Housewife, Husband and Son.

Big Brother The Game (Big Brother Brasil)bbb3hi2 (1)

This game tries to simulate the famous “Big Brother” program , so you create a participant who must live with other characters and pass various tests . However, although it can be said that the game is fairly well done, its gameplay is too monotonous so it bores after a few minutes. In addition to not having possibilities to build or furnish the environment.

Singles 2singles211patch_5

Singles 2 has a gameplay very similar to that of The Sims : you choose 3 characters (you can not customize them) who will share the apartment together, You have to control their needs, go to work and control expenses, in addition to you can completely remodel the apartment . Although with a variant in which this game focuses much more on what relationships are and with a rather explicit sexual content .

Playboy: The Mansionpc-58908-11420688286

The game puts us in the shoes of  Hugh Hefner  with the aim of leading the famous Playboy mansion leading it to success, while clearly enjoying any man’s fantasy. T endremos the power to organize photo sessions and content of magazines as well as decorate and enjoy the mansion.

7 Sins7sins

In 7 Sins we take on the role of an anonymous scoundrel whose goals are to be a well-known character economically and sexually in the great metropolis of Apple City . So the way forward is clear: start from scratch, selling from a perfume and various accessories store, until you reach the top of the heavyweights of the Americanized city.

The Guild 22168985-the_guild_2_renaissance_1

The Guild is the fusion of a Life Simulator and RPG set in a medieval era where our goal is to create our own dynasty, decide the future and honor of the family, build our own empire. It is a quite complex game and with many amounts of variables if you loved The Sims Medieval, you should try this game, although I must warn you that its gameplay is much more complicated.

Space Colonyspace_colony

A game developed by the creators of Stronghold that mixes simulation, strategy and management game aspects . In this game, you must create intergalactic bases where your crew lives, choosing whether to direct your construction to war or tourism. Undoubtedly considered a treasure among the classics.

The Partnersthepartners_ss08

The Partners is a game by the same developers who created 7 Sins, but 3 years before the aforementioned game (7 Sins) where the objective is to manage the needs, work and relationships of various lawyers who work in a firm , despite from having a variety of content both in furniture and lawyers or even more than 100 interactions and a campaign that indicated the objectives to follow the game, it was not successful and it is considered mediocre.


Life was a project proposed in KickStarter that did not achieve the expected collection, the game proposed several possibilities as in the sims such as creating our character, our home and managing their lives; In addition to that, it proposed a totally open world as in The Sims 3 and the possibility of becoming president, and even if the campaign reached the expected money, it would have its multiplayer mode.

To be honest the game does not look very good there are several details that were not clear but I like that someone has been encouraged and advanced so much in a project similar to The Sims.

Alter egoAlter_Ego _-_ 1986 _-_ Activision

Possibly it would be better if The Sims resemble Alter Ego , since this game came out in 1985/1986 and even though it has little graphic content, since most of the graphics are simple buttons, we could say that Alter Ego is one of the first Simulation proposals of Life as a video game since it introduces you to a character from birth with whom we must make various decisions during the course of his life. Maybe it is not very interesting in this generation, but it is an innovative game for the time.


With a gameplay similar to that of Alter Ego , although much more graphic, Kudos puts us in the shoes of a 20-year-old character who has stopped studying at university, putting in our hands what we are going to do in his life and how many achievements we will have until we reach 30 years of age . I personally never liked it, since I’m too impatient to play turn-based games, but I consider it an interesting proposition.

Little Computer Peoplemaxresdefault

This game, like Alter Ego, was released in 1985 , although with a much more graphic gameplay where our objective was to manage a character (always male) and control his daily routine at home .
My dad always compared The Sims to a virtual dollhouse, although at my age I would get mad and deny it, I have to admit that it is in some part, which is why Little House was largely inspired by dollhouses and   Will Wright (The Creator of the Sims) was largely inspired by this game to create The Sims .

Jones in the Fast Lanewinner

It is a game extremely similar to the Game of life , although released in 1990, it could be played between several characters where the user with the most achievements in life won.

Real Lives 2010RealLives2010

Real Lives 2010 is an educational simulator , which places us in control of a person who lives anywhere in the world, during the course of the game we will have to make various choices and see how our character is affected, enhanced or limited due to various situations typical of the place where you live. It is a great simulator to be more aware of how things get complicated or easier depending on where we are positioned .

So far the Post has come, I hope you have liked the games and intend to get and try them, Do not forget that sharing helps to disseminate the Article. Regards!


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